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Read RTP data sent over UDP - non-interleaved mode

From: Srijith Vijayakumar <>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2018 04:19:17 +0000


I am trying to use cURL libraries to read the H264 video data sent by an IP camera in RTP packets.

In the setup stage I use the following to get the RTP video packets using UDP in non-interleaved mode .

const char *transport = "RTP/AVP;unicast;client_port=1234-1235"; /* UDP */

I was able to verify that the IP camera is sending the RTP data but I could not find a curl callback or option that will enable me to read this data.
Is there a way to get this RTP data using a callback like the CURLOPT_INTERLEAVEFUNCTION or the CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION?

Using: const char *transport = "RTP/AVP/TCP;unicast;interleaved=0-1"; causes the IP camera to send RTP data packets using TCP in interleaved mode, which is not what I want.

Please let me know if I can use the UDP non-interleaved mode and still read the packet using a callback


Received on 2018-04-04