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Re: Problems with CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS/HAVE_ICONV build on EBCDIC platform

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 14:32:24 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Stephan Mhlstrasser wrote:

> So my question is, what is the state of curl support for platforms that
> require CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS and HAVE_ICONV? Are corresponding bug reports
> looked at and are pull requests wanted?

We look at every single filed bug report and pull request. (Sometimes we're
slow to act on them though, as we're not that many developers who work on
random bugs and PRs.)

The world is big and diverse and we have a lot of users who are using systems
or curl features that a large portion of the world does not. When you
experience bugs on a niche platforms or with features not used widely, there's
a chance that A) you're alone to report and experience the bug and even B)
there's no regular developer around who's using it.

I'm convinced curl on EBCDIC is one such niche with few devlopers. We don't
get many bug reports about EBCDIC, which I believe is because we don't have
many users using EBCDIC...

We do have a travis build making sure CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS builds work and
are functional, but that's not using EBCDIC. Not enough test and CI
infrastructure for something as impactful as EBCDIC will quite naturally lead
to bugs getting introduced over time.

1) subjectAltName check for HTTPS connections

> In lib/vtls/openssl.c in function verifyhost() two strings with different
> encodings are passed to Curl_cert_hostcheck(), causing the check to always
> fail. I have a potential fix for this.

Please file a PR!

> 2) ASCII-based character classification
> The functions in curl_ctype.c work for ASCII only. After checking the history
> if this file I found the following related GitHub pull request:


> So this apparently is a known problem for EBCDIC.

Exactly, but as the comment says: it's next to impossible to work on this and
get it right without actually being able to test and verify it on such a
system. Please file a PR for a fix that makes it work for you!

If those are the only problems, I consider things to be in a pretty decent
shape still!


Received on 2018-04-11