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Re: who can write a small app using curl-lib

From: René Berber <>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 14:53:30 -0500

On 4/27/2018 12:04 PM, Thomas Schmiedl wrote:

> I use the xupnpd2 mediaserver (;
> download:
> to transfer some hls-streams to my TV-device.
> My older xupnpd2 version doesn't support https and has no proxy support.
> The author isn't able to provide a newer release of this software. My
> idea is to use the curl-lib, but I'm not a developer. Maybe someone
> could write a small app in c (call via cgi in a webserver on the router).

You probably don't need a program, a script that uses curl is enough for
what you describe.

> For skylinewebcams:
> 1. xupnpd2 calls the cgi-app
> 2. the cgi-app downloads the m3u8-playlist from skylinewebcams

This "cgi-app" is what?

Probably a script (i.e. a text file, interpreted by something else)...
so it can be easily changed (i.e. edited), and the change you want is to
replace whatever they do to download the file (playlist) to use curl.

> 3. the cgi-app replaces the URLs to the ts-files in the m3u8-playlist
> from 'https://' to 'http://' and returns the file content to xupnpd2

Not clear what file is returned? The playlist, or the actual video?

If xupnpd2 is streaming the video (using the playlist), then changing
https to https is probably not going to work... xupnpd2 still ends up
trying to stream something, and not using the correct URL (but by the
way, where the code is says it added
support for SSL, so it looks like it does support https; but of course I
didn't take a closer look).

Maybe I misunderstood your description, do you mean it can't download
the playlist, but it can download the video(s) after replacing https for

R. Berber
Received on 2018-04-27