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Re: who can write a small app using curl-lib

From: Thomas Schmiedl <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 17:29:45 +0200

Am 27.04.2018 um 21:53 schrieb René Berber:
> On 4/27/2018 12:04 PM, Thomas Schmiedl wrote:
>> I use the xupnpd2 mediaserver (;
>> download:
>> to transfer some hls-streams to my TV-device.
> [snip]
>> My older xupnpd2 version doesn't support https and has no proxy support.
>> The author isn't able to provide a newer release of this software. My
>> idea is to use the curl-lib, but I'm not a developer. Maybe someone
>> could write a small app in c (call via cgi in a webserver on the router).
> You probably don't need a program, a script that uses curl is enough for
> what you describe.
I will ask for a script, maybe the curl-php-mailinglist.
>> For skylinewebcams:
>> 1. xupnpd2 calls the cgi-app
>> 2. the cgi-app downloads the m3u8-playlist from skylinewebcams
> This "cgi-app" is what?
> Probably a script (i.e. a text file, interpreted by something else)...
> so it can be easily changed (i.e. edited), and the change you want is to
> replace whatever they do to download the file (playlist) to use curl.
>> 3. the cgi-app replaces the URLs to the ts-files in the m3u8-playlist
>> from 'https://' to 'http://' and returns the file content to xupnpd2
> Not clear what file is returned? The playlist, or the actual video?
The program or script returns the playlist.
> If xupnpd2 is streaming the video (using the playlist), then changing
> https to https is probably not going to work... xupnpd2 still ends up
> trying to stream something, and not using the correct URL (but by the
> way, where the code is says it added
> support for SSL, so it looks like it does support https; but of course I
> didn't take a closer look). is version 1 and didn't worked for
me. After I contacted the russian author, he developed version 2 (xupnpd2).
> Maybe I misunderstood your description, do you mean it can't download
> the playlist, but it can download the video(s) after replacing https for
> http?
For better understanding: The playlist and the ts-files from
are downloadable in 'https' and 'http'. But the file content of the
playlist contains always 'https'-links to the ts-files. I need a
solution to replace this links to 'http', that xupnpd2 is able to
download the ts-files via 'http'.

Received on 2018-04-28