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Re: who can write a small app using curl-lib

From: Thomas Schmiedl <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 21:10:30 +0200

Am 28.04.2018 um 20:29 schrieb René Berber:
> On 4/28/2018 10:29 AM, Thomas Schmiedl wrote:
>> Am 27.04.2018 um 21:53 schrieb René Berber:
> [snip
>>> You probably don't need a program, a script that uses curl is enough for
>>> what you describe.
>> I will ask for a script, maybe the curl-php-mailinglist.
> Its very simple from what you describe (and btw doesn't need curl at
> all). I would modify xupnpd2 adding one line that makes the replacement
> of https to http (i.e. a simple search & replace on the file, which can
> be done running sed on the file -- sed is a stream editor usually
> installed in base Linux, and easy to get for any OS).
>> is version 1 and didn't worked for
>> me. After I contacted the russian author, he developed version 2 (xupnpd2).
> Isn't the code at the same place?
No, xupnpd2 is only available as closed-source at
>> For better understanding: The playlist and the ts-files from
>> are downloadable in 'https' and 'http'. But the file content of the
>> playlist contains always 'https'-links to the ts-files. I need a
>> solution to replace this links to 'http', that xupnpd2 is able to
>> download the ts-files via 'http'.
> Got it! Then as I said above, its very simple, I'm surprised the author
> doesn't make the change himself.
Received on 2018-04-28