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7.62.0 brings lots of news, test it early!

From: Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2018 13:54:12 +0200 (CEST)


This is just a small request and reminder that if you can, we will appreciate
if you get and try out a recent daily snapshot of curl in your application or
environment as an extra precaution to verify that we haven't broken anything

7.62.0 has an unusual amount of new features crammed in. Because of this, I'd
say there's a slightly higher risk than normal that we have let a mistake or
two slip in. When we catch some of those mistakes *before* release, things are
just so much better...

During September 2018, we've added 11,276 lines of code and removed 5,555
lines. It is way more than usual and this much code churn in a single month
has not happened in several years. And 7.62.0 is still almost a month away.

The two primary reasons for the changed code lines are: DoH support and the
new URL API. In particular the latter caused quite a few changes since our URL
parsing was really spread out all over so unifying it to a single parser
was... work.

I'm not saying our testing is weak. On the contrary, I think our testing has
never been stronger or more fierce than today. OSS-Fuzz still hammers on curl
non-stop. Coverity reports zero defects. scan-build finds no flaws and all
test cases run fine with and without valgrind run fine on 30+ builds for every
commit. It's just that some things always remain untested in spite of all our

Received on 2018-10-01