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Re: HTTP/3

From: Vipin P R via curl-library <>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2018 21:42:43 +0530

Hi Daniel,
                I want to start contributing to HTTP/3 development. This is
my first open source project I am undertaking. Can u guide me on this,
where to start. I have already begun going through the details of the
protocol and the links you posted earlier in the channel and I can see the
development is on! I would like to be a part of this and contribute to curl
/ libcurl in HTTP/3.
Vipin aka. dvpr_phoenix

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 3:47 AM Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <> wrote:

> Hi friends,
> I hope most of you have noticed that the other day it was decided the next
> version of HTTP will be named HTTP/3 [1] (and it will be performed over
> instead of TCP, but that was known since before).
> I've started on a "HTTP/3 explained" document [2] with the aim of
> explaining
> these new protocols (HTTP/3 and QUIC). The fundamentals are there and you
> can
> read it already and it should give you a decent first grasp, but it
> certainly
> isn't complete yet. I will gracefully appreciate comments, bug reports and
> improvements!
> HTTP/3 (h3 for short) is done over QUIC instead of TCP and it opens up
> interesting new challenges for clients, and one of them is how to learn
> that a
> site supports it and then when to use h3 instead of h2 or h1. Servers will
> inform clients about their "h3 abilities" using the Alt-Svc response
> header
> [3] and the client can then connect with QUIC and do h3 requests instead.
> For curl to speak h3 in the same manner as the browsers will, curl then
> needs
> to understand Alt-Svc headers as well and will need a few new ways to
> control
> this behavior in the API. I've started to collect some thoughts around how
> this should or could work for applications [4].
> I have not yet started to actually write any code for h3 or quic support
> in
> curl. I plan to base that work on the ngtcp2 library [5], which only does
> quic
> so far. Possibly the h3 layer will then be done using the nghq library [6]
> (hq
> being the old name for h3) but this library is currently a bit behind the
> latest h3 drafts...
> QUIC and HTTP/3 are scheduled to be "done" by July 2019.
> It's a great time to be alive!
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