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Re: Missing bcrytp.dll when running Watcom compiled Libcurl program on XP.

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 03:24:16 -0400

On 6/28/2019 7:42 AM, Dan Gribble via curl-library wrote:
> I am experiencing a problem when a program using Libcurl that is
> compiled on Windows 7 using the Watcom C++ compiler is run on Windows XP.
> I am aware that XP is no longer supported, however, at my installation
> we still have a couple of legacy machines that we require to still run XP.
> I have openSSL 1.1.1c installed on Win 7 machine, and have copied the
> libcurl.dll, lincrypto-1_1.dll and libssl-1_1.dll files to one of
> legacy XP machines, however, when trying to execute the program, it
> says that "brcypt.dll" is missing.
> I undertand that bcypt.dll was introduced in in Windows operating
> systems later than XP, so it works fine on our Windows, 7 and 10 machines.
> I would be extremely grateful if anyone could suggest a method that
> would enable my program to run on Windows XP.

How exactly did you build curl? I see in Makefile.Watcom WINVER is set
to Vista when IPv6 is enabled at build time [1]. We may have similar
logic elsewhere. In other words some features may require targeting
later versions of Windows for some compilers. The official build of curl
for windows [2] works on XP and comes with IPv6 enabled. To use that
libcurl.dll you would also need the OpenSSL DLLs and there is a link to
them on the same page.


Received on 2019-07-02