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Re: Missing bcrytp.dll when running Watcom compiled Libcurl program on XP.

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 17:13:44 -0400

On 7/2/2019 11:44 AM, Dan Gribble via curl-library wrote:
> Please excuse my ignorance/inexperience but i'm very new to C++ (and
> OOP, compiling/linking in general).? I'll try and explain as best i
> can what I have done so far and hopefully you will be able to advise
> how to proceed.
> I am developing an application that uses the cURL library to post JSON
> format data. The requirement at my installation is to use the Watcom
> compiler which intially caused a few headaches, but I have managed to
> overcome them with some help from Luca on this mailing list.
> I downloaded cURL 7.64.0 and have been using the curl header in my
> application to carry out the post operations. In order to get around
> the problem of the Watcom calling conventions being different to
> CDECL, under the guidence of Luca I generated an import Lib for Watcom
> from the libcurl.dll and have been using that when compiling and
> linking to generate my executable.
> My application works fine under Windows 7 and 10, however, I get the
> bcrypt.dll missing error message when attempting to run it on Windows XP.
> If you require any further information, please let me know and I will
> do my best to assist you.

Please don't top-post [1] it makes the conversation hard to follow.
Either libcurl or one of its dependents is dependent on bcrypt. Official
builds don't need bcrypt. You can use Dependency Walker [2] to see
exactly what DLL needs bcrypt. As I said it's possible you are building
curl in a way that requires bcrypt but I don't know what that is. It
would help to know exactly how you are building curl.


Received on 2019-07-02