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spnego sspi delegation [windows 7]

From: Claudio via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 12:56:09 +0000

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with curl lib in window which I have managed to quick fix it but I would need some further insight from experts.
I am using curllib (or curl command) with --negotiate authentication on Windows and "--delegation always" (or policy) parameter. We use Kerberos authentication for what I know.
The server I connect to will forward the request to a back end system and my credential must be provided to be authorized. In Linux seems to work out of the box but in windows I had always had an error like

"Could not impersonate INTRANET\XXXX as authentication token was not provided".

The ticket stored in my box for the server I connect to includes the following attribute

Ticket Flags -> forwardable renewable pre_authent ok_as_delegate

I have managed to make it work via adding the flag ISC_REQ_DELEGATE to the call in spnego_sspi.c (around line 250)

  nego->status = s_pSecFn->InitializeSecurityContext(nego->credentials,
                                                     chlg ? nego->context :
                                                     ISC_REQ_DELEGATE | ISC_REQ_CONFIDENTIALITY, // <== CODE CHANGE added flag ISC_REQ_DELEGATE
                                                      0, SECURITY_NATIVE_DREP,
                                                     chlg ? &chlg_desc : NULL,
                                                     0, nego->context,
                                                     &resp_desc, &attrs,

Now what I wanted to do is to handle the parameter --delegation properly.
First of all I wound need to see in the security package support DELEGATION. Hence I have checked if the

nego->status = s_pSecFn->QuerySecurityPackageInfo((TCHAR *)

unsigned long isc_flags = ISC_REQ_CONFIDENTIALITY;
if (SecurityPackage->fCapabilities & SECPKG_FLAG_DELEGATION)

      if (data->set.gssapi_delegation & CURLGSSAPI_DELEGATION_POLICY_FLAG)
          isc_flags |= ISC_REQ_DELEGATE;
      else if (data->set.gssapi_delegation & CURLGSSAPI_DELEGATION_FLAG)
          // error not supported ???

Of course is not a gssapi_delegation but I assume sspi should mimic the gssapi interface/functionality so we could in theory use the same flag.

Question 1: Is there a way to force the delegation using sspi ? or CURLGSSAPI_DELEGATION_FLAG is not supported e.g. there is no way to force if the Active directory does not allow it?
Question 2: When I Iook at the fCapability flags in the SecurityPackage structure for the loaded package (secur32) I have the info below back (which I have pretty printed). The SECPKG_FLAG_DELEGATION is false so I am a bit puzzled. I can make it work but the library tells me the delegation is not supported.

Now my knowledge in here is very limited.
If I want to reuse the delegation option what flag do I need to check to know If this functionality is supported ? If It is GSS COMPATIBLE ?

Thanks for any help you could provide.
Best Regards
Claudio Rinaldi

Security Package: Negotiate
Security Package supported flags: 83bb3
Comment: Microsoft Package Negotiator




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Received on 2019-07-03