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Remove check for MacOS 10.0 to 10.3 as we are at 10.14?

From: Christian Schmitz via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2019 11:19:56 +0200


One thing I now patch every time is to remove the $wl-bind_at_load part here:

        # Don't allow lazy linking, it breaks C++ global constructors
        # But is supposedly fixed on 10.4 or later (yay!).
        if test CXX = "$tagname"; then
          case ${MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET-10.0} in
              func_append compile_command " $wl-bind_at_load"
              func_append finalize_command " $wl-bind_at_load"

Seems like tests see we are at 10.1 with 10.14, so we can compile with bitcode enabled.
I am not sure why this is there, but removing it allows bitcode creation in Xcode for apps using the library.

Maybe this test should be removed as MacOS < 10.4 is no longer used?
Or the condition could be changed?


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Received on 2019-07-17