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[ curl-Bugs-1705177 ] --without-ssl --with-gnutl

From: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2007 00:39:36 -0700

Bugs item #1705177, was opened at 2007-04-22 09:15
Message generated for change (Comment added) made by bagder
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Category: compile or build problem
Group: bad behaviour
Status: Open
>Resolution: Fixed
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Daniel Black (grooverdan)
Assigned to: Daniel Stenberg (bagder)
Summary: --without-ssl --with-gnutl

Initial Comment:
./configure --without-ssl --with-gnutls
checking for libssh2_channel_open_ex in -lssh2... no
checking libssh2.h usability... no
checking libssh2.h presence... no
checking for libssh2.h... no
checking for gnutls_check_version in -lgnutls... yes
./configure: line 26692: GNUTLS_ENABLED: command not found
configure: detected GnuTLS version 1.6.2
configure: Added /usr/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
configure: WARNING: SSL disabled, you will not be able to use HTTPS, FTPS, NTLM and more.
configure: WARNING: Use --with-ssl, --with-gnutls or --with-nss to address this.
checking CA cert bundle install path... /usr/local/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt
checking whether to build with libidn... yes
checking for idna_to_ascii_lz in -lidn... yes
checking for idn_free... yes


>Comment By: Daniel Stenberg (bagder)
Date: 2007-04-22 09:39

Logged In: YES
Originator: NO

Ouch! There was bad spaces in the, fixed in CVS now and I
believe it will cure this problem.


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Received on 2007-04-22

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