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Curl Development Overview

This is the section of the web site devoted to the development of curl and libcurl. If you are just a "user" of curl or libcurl, this may not be where you want to hang out.

There is always development going on in the curl project. To help out the development team, we provide these services:

Open issues

#280NTLM fail auth on connection close instead of looping
#278Cannot open FTPS encrypted data connection through HTTP proxy
#277Incomplete FTPS transfers through HTTP proxy
#268Support HTTPS proxy (--proxy https://). Support SOCKS+HTTP* proxy combo.
#264Can't connect to Fiddler proxy if using WinSSL backend
#261netrc: Windows check USERPROFILE for home directory
#256NTLM loops when connection persistence is not available
#253libcurl + winssl = https not working on Windows 2000
#252Add protocol information to CLI argument help string
#250[updated] NTLM don't panic when getting 401 on authenticated connection
#244schannel_recv treats no bytes available as end-of-stream
#232HTTP connection closed on: Excess found in a non pipelined read
#226Feature request: Do not allow "downgrading" protocol on redirect
#218Wrong STARTTRANSFER timer for POST requests getting response code 100
#210speed-limit not working with hanging ftp connection
#174build: Add wolfSSL configurations to Visual Studio project files

Generated contents

Build and source information that is updated all the time:

  • Recent Source Activity - What happened recently in the source code repository?
  • Automatic Builds - We build curl automatically non-stop to verify that it builds and works.
  • Daily Snapshot - The latest version of curl, packaged and provided daily.
  • Daily scans with the clang source code analyzer. It keeps a 30 day backlog.
  • Keywords lists all test case keywords used.

Broadcasted commit info

Each push to the git repository will be announced over various systems.

  • Mail is sent to the curl-commits mailing list
  • A note is dropped in the #curl IRC channel
  • A tweet is sent out by the @curlcommits user on twitter

Documents in progress

Stuff being worked on for the next release.

  • RELEASE-NOTES is the current work in progress document for the next release.
  • Source code - check out the latest code directly from git
  • Release calendar, pick your format: XML, ICAL, HTML

Bugs and discussions

  • Bug tracker [github] - submit problems there. See also the KNOWN_BUGS document.
  • libcurl mailing list - Development talk and thoughts about how the future will become is discussed there.
  • A few devs and users hang out on IRC, in the #curl channel on
  • We also get pull requests and issues filed at github.


Most of these are documents from the source archive converted to web pages here for your convenience.

  • TODO - we try to maintain lists of what things you could help us with and features a future curl release might get.
  • Contribute explains about a few things to consider when you contribute with patches and source code to the curl project.
  • Copyright details the copyright and licensing for curl and libcurl.
  • Internals describes how things work internally in curl, for code hackers, bug fixers and generally interested parties.
  • The KNOWN_BUGS list.
  • Thanks to these people, curl exists as it is today!
  • List of specifications, that we use as basis for the protocols we support
  • The runtests man page
  • The testcurl docs

The README documentation files from the curl/lib directory:

Related Documentation

  • You'll find answers to many questions regarding SSL and OpenSSL in the OpenSSL FAQ.
  • C programming language international standardization working group JTC1/SC22/WG14