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libcurl.dll doesn't appear when compiling on Windows

From: <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 15:49:55 -0700

I needed to change formdata.c, so I downloaded the libcurl source,
made my change, and then compiled libcurl. I can do this successfully
in Visual Studio. I then test my app that references LibCurlNet.dll
and therefore libcurl.dll, and my app shows an error because SSL is
not enabled in libcurl.dll.

After reading libcurl documentation about compiling OpenSSL, I
compiled OpenSSL. Then reading the install doc in libcurl source, it
suggested to compile libcurl using MSVC from command line if SSL
support is required. When I compile this way, no errors are produced,
but a libcurl.dll file is not produced. Only a libcurl.lib. What am
I doing wrong? I need the libcurl.dll file with SSL support, with my
change to formdata.c in it.

Or, can I recompile libcurl with SSL support from within Visual Studio?

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Received on 2009-10-24

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