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Learning to use the curl tool

The tutorial contains a lot of examples and explanations about the concepts behind the command line options etc. Takes you through a lot of things you can do with curl. Perfect start for a beginner.

The perhaps single most common use for the curl tool is to do HTTP scripting using curl and this document gives you an initial grip on how you can use curl to emulate a browser.

The FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions and these ones surely are. If you have a problem you feel is "obvious", look here. This is a good document to check out for all curl users.

Reference documentation

The huge man page describes all command-line options and all tiny quirks about how to use curl in a refernce style document. More than 160 options listed.

A plain list with all curl's features can be found here, they're just listed on top of each other.


Install clearly describes how to go ahead when you want to compile and install curl from source on your system.

Versions describes how the version numbers of curl and libcurl releases are constructed.

Consider other tools?

The comparison table shows you how curl's features compare against similar available tools.

At times curl is not the tool for you, find the one on the related tools page.

Who use curl?

companies that use curl, programs using curl and programs using libcurl

Using libcurl

libcurl is the underlying software library curl uses to do its network transfers. All libcurl related stuff is in its own section of the site.


For details, info and more about hacking on and development of curl and libcurl, jump over to the development section of this web site.