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Building curl-7.17.1 on x64 Windows

From: Vlado Pjesivac <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 15:34:07 -0400

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build curl 7.17.1 on windows 64 bit.
The problem is when I build using vcproj I get a different library as
64 bit then the one I get when i use make file for vc6.

I am trying to build it with SSL.

Is there a way to build it on 64 bit windows using visual studio 2008.

This version?

What I work on (in 32 bit world is using 7.17.1 and thats why i need
64 bit version of 7.17.1)

Any suggestions?

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Received on 2010-06-24

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