curl / Development / Roadmap

curl the next few years - perhaps

Roadmap of things Daniel Stenberg wants to work on next. It is intended to serve as a guideline for others for information, feedback and possible participation.


See the QUIC wiki page.

HTTP cookies

Two cookie drafts have been adopted by the httpwg in IETF and we should support them as the popular browsers will as well:

Deprecate modification of 'secure' cookies from non-secure origins

Cookie Prefixes

Firefox bug report about secure cookies

SRV records

How to find services for specific domains/hosts.


  1. curl -h output (considered overwhelming to users).

  2. We have > 200 command line options, is there a way to redo things to simplify or improve the situation as we are likely to keep adding features/options in the future too.

  3. Perform some of the clean up from the TODO document, removing old definitions and such like that are currently earmarked to be removed years ago.