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Re: reworked my patch and used the current cvs as the basis

From: Georg Huettenegger <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:51:43 +0200 (CEST)

> > > started to send data, we can still get "417 Expectation Failed" and thus we
> > > should stop sending POST data. Neither of these cases happen right now.
> >
> > that is true, do you mean i shoudl take a look to achieve these goals
> > (did not think about them as i am not that firm when it comes to http
> > posting).
> I would certainly appriciate it if you did. Just let me know if you can't.
> When in doubt on how HTTP posting works, RFC2616 is your friend...

i have now added some code to transfer.c to handle this 417 failure. but i
would suggest you take a closer look whether this is what we want to
achieve (but as far as i see it the code will either prevent data to be
sent or stop the sending activities).

> [ curl_formadd() ]
> I would prefer a separate option to set the length of the name field,
> NAMELENGTH (or similar), that if set is used for either PTRNAME or COPYNAME.
> CONTENTSLENGTH then sets the size of the PTRCONTENS or COPYCONTENTS data.

i have now added CURLFORM_NAMELENGTH and CURLFORM_PTRNAME and made the
function as flexible as seems possible to me. the only assumption is that
everything that belongs to one file comes before the parts of the second

the structure of the function is now also somewhat cleare but i am not
sure whether that will help when it comes to maintaining the function
later on (as the parts are now somewhat separated).


Received on 2001-08-27