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Mailing lists are the prefered means of communications with and within the curl project, no matter if you just have a question or if you want to contribute patches.

All curl-related lists require that you are subscribed before you are allowed to post to them. All posts to these lists are archived in public archives on the web.

List Name Description Archives
curl-library The primary development list. How to use libcurl, libcurl bugs and how to develop libcurl even more. Related libs, tools and subjects.
curl-users For all main concerns, bugs, new features and general talks around the curl command line tool. For libcurl stuff, use the curl-library list.
curl-announce Announcements (only) of new versions for curl and libcurl. Low traffic.
curl-tracker Mails from the bug and feature request trackers. Mails are sent for all new submissions and all changes to existing ones. Lets you track the issues easier.
curl-and-php PHP/CURL users and developers (the libcurl binding for PHP)
curl-and-python pycURL users and developers (the libcurl binding for Python)
curl-commits CVS commits done to the curl source module
curl-www-commits CVS commits done to the curl-www module

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