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Re: Building 7.10 on Windows 2002 MSVC__ 6.0

From: Andrew Francis <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 08:53:53 +0800

"charles" <> wrote:
> Ignore that last message, building with nmake works great,
> but now i get a slew of redefines in libcmt.lib

(Daniel S: May I suggest that this issue be written into the FAQ? :)

You need to make sure that your project, and all the libraries (both static
and dynamic) that it links against, are compiled/linked against the same run
time library.

This is determined by the /MD, /ML, /MT (and their corresponding /M?d)
options to the command line compiler. /MD (linking against MSVCRT dll) seems
to be the most commonly used option.

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