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cURL Timings

From: Rose, Phil <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 18:21:46 -0000

I'm new to the world of these mailing list so apologies for lack of

I've looked at the cURL library code and think CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME does
include connect time but would be grateful if someone would confirm this.
However this seems to contradict the most recent man page...

             Pass a pointer to a double to receive the total
             transaction time in seconds for the previous trans-
             fer. This time does not include the connect time, so
             if you want the complete operation time, you should
             add the CURLINFO_CONNECT_TIME.

So can I assume the actual file transfer time is CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME -

However we are using an older version of the library 7.9.3 which I think
which does not do redirect timing?? which begs the following question....

I don't think any of the connect time, pre transfer time etc include the
redirect but the overall CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME does? Therefore how do you the
actual transfer time with this version of the code?

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Received on 2003-02-05