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The cURL Programming Competition!

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 16:25:33 +0200 (CEST)

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                       The cURL Programming Competition

How To Compete:

  Write a cool, fun or useful program that uses libcurl or a libcurl binding.
  Submit the full source code to the competition management by email:

  The competition starts now (October 21), and we will accept submissions
  until 23:59 (central european time) Sunday December 14, 2003.


  The winning submission gets US $300[*], and of course the honor!


  The winner will be elected by the four guys in Haxx ( and our
  decision cannot be appealed. Of course no member of the jury will compete.
  We appreciate nice code, cool ideas, fun tricks, innovation and imagination.


  o The full source code must not exceed 2000 lines (not including the libcurl
    source or other "standard" files).
  o The submission must be written and owned by the submitter.
  o The submission must be Open Source and allowed to be distributed as such.
    The submitting person may use any license that is considered Open Source
    or Free Software by the community.
  o As far as possible, please include example output showing the program in
    progress, example input or perhaps some sample results of the program
    etc. Screenshots are great! Nice "extra-data" will be taken into account
    when a winner is considered.
  o The source code must use a libcurl binding that is readily available and
    open source (or use the plain C interface of course). The binding must've
    been announced/posted/existing already at the time of this announcement.
  o You may submit multiple contributions. Each one will be a separate entry
    in the compo, with its own chance of winning.
  o 10 persons - or more - must have posted submissions for the competition
    to be held and for the prize money to be paid.
  o You are allowed to send in improvements of previous submissions up until
    the dead-line. We will however not return anything to anyone and we will
    not publicize any details about any submissions before the dead-line.
  o Submissions posted after dead-line will NOT enter the competition, but
    may be published anyway afterwards.
  o Previously published/available programs/sources may be submitted, but the
    jury will favour new creations.


  The prize money is donated by friends of curl. If you feel like contributing
  to our cause, please consider a donation:


  The purpose of this contest is of course to get more people to have a go at
  libcurl programming, to get a neat set of libcurl programming examples for
  others to get inspired by and to have fun!

[*] = The amount will be US $300, to be transfered to a PayPal
  ( account. If the winner has other requests on how the
  payment is to be made, the cost of doing that transfer will be deducted from
  the 300.

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