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Re: Build libcurl on HPUX with static OpenSSL

From: Renate Bahnemann <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 12:35:10 +0000

Hi Frank

Picone, Frank wrote:

> Thank you in advance for a moment of your time. My name is Frank and I'd
> like to ask if you ever got a response back or had success with the question
> you posted on the cURL mailing list? I'm also looking to compile the
> libraries for an HPUX 11i system and to be honest, I'm having trouble
> getting started. Were the resource on the mailing list any help?

I gave up trying to link OpenSSL and Zlib statically on HPUX 11. HPUX
*does* support linking archives into shared libraries but if I remember
correctly I failed to provide environment settings for libCurl's
configure script to pass the required linker options through to libtool
(I don't have much understanding or knowledge of automake and
libtool)libtool seemed to mess up the commandline.

Here is a link to the thread with some input that I got from some very
helpful HPUX-guru's on the hpux-devtools discussion group:,,4!03!10!0040,00.html

Received on 2004-02-12