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Re: Configuring in msys/mingw

From: Andrés García <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:42:17 +0100


The good news is that, with some further patching of the server, it is
starting to work. The bad news is that it is a bit of a mess.

The patch for the server includes some cut and pasting from
libcurl to init winsock, I did it without knowing what it all meant,
so I hope I haven't broken anything or done something silly.

To make '' work I had to do two things:

   - Make it use 'curl.exe' after I had installed it.

   - Remove the '2>/dev/null'.

I have also attached the output of the tests as some fail, the
main problem now is that it hangs in test 100, does it need
another server for ftp?


Received on 2004-02-23