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RE: About libcurl, VC7 and W4

From: Delfin Rojas <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:33:50 -0800

I agree maintaining several files is a problem. Looks like there are VC
makefiles that can be used with VC6 and VC7. I guess in that case I would
recommend removing the dsp and dsw files for avoid confusion and point
people to the makefiles.


My original reason for proposing separate VC6 and VC7 files is the same
reason for initially having VC6 dsp files, because of convenience.




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> So, when I tried to compile the library I found that you provide a VC6

> project and workspace file but no VC7 counterpart. Also, when I compile


> warning 4 enabled I get several warnings all over.

Why is it necessary to have VC7 files? VC7 can read the VC6 files just fine.

When you run them it will prompt you to convert them to the VC7 format, just

say yes. I think it's a bad idea to include seperate VC6 and VC7 files

because all that can possibly do is lead to someone forgetting to update




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