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public URL accepting POST multipart/form-data file upload?

From: Mohun Biswas <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 08:36:49 -0400

Does anyone maintain or know of a public URL that accepts relatively
large multipart POST file uploads for debugging? It could write the
files to /dev/null for all I care. The background is that my
application, in which a custom client written with libcurl talks to a
custom server implemented as a Java webapp, is exibiting a problem
whereby uploading files works fine till they reach a size around 500MB,
and I'm having trouble determining whether the problem is on the client
or server. I'd really like to check my test case against a server that's
known to handle large uploads correctly just in case the bug is with my
web container or JDK or Jakarta Commons FileUpload.

The curl demo program 'postit2.c', from which my test case is adapted,
is hardwired to POST to but this is
either gone or not publically available. Does or anywhere else
still maintain such a thing?

Note that this is not a >2GB file problem. A file containing 2**28 bytes
works fine, a file containing 2**29 fails. Neither approaches 2**31.

Mohun Biswas
Received on 2004-07-18