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Re: server downtime

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:38:00 -0700

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 03:02:39PM -0500, Ralph Mitchell wrote:
> On 3/21/07, Yang Tse <> wrote:
> >2007/3/21, Ralph Mitchell wrote:
> >
> >> It looks like my auto-builds haven't been picked up since 3/10/07,
> >> though that may be nothing to do with the server change.
> >
> >They seem to be stored. The script which analyzes and processes them
> >might have an issue, but It seems more likely to be something related
> >with some strange newline issue in the submitted files, see for
> >yourself beginning of file
> > you get
> >previous link from at the
> >sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu dept.
> >
> >Just to discard an issue with the script which stores it. Could you do
> >a test run exactly the same way you're doing it and send it off list
> >to me ?
> >
> >$CURLDIR/tests/ $CURLDIR | tee daily-output | mail -s
> >autobuild
> >
> >As well as a tar of daily-output in another mail.
> Well, it looks like the daily auto-build went off OK this time,
> without any help (or changes) from me. It's listed in the autobuild
> table as of 8am Haxx-local-time.

I made a minor change to the autobuild summary page to add a link with
a time of --:-- when the true time can't be detected. The contents of the
log is clearly corrupted which is why the time can't be found. Many
testcurl: lines at the top are missing, and several of the remainder
are missing end-of-line characters. I have no idea how this could
even happen upon looking at the script, unless it's a problem
in transfer. Are these scripts being e-mailed or uploaded?

>>> Dan

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