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RE: Javascript checks BODYelement.clientWidth before issuing html

From: Tom Donnelly <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 10:18:54 -0700

Ralph - thanks for the response I was using LiveHTTPheaders and Paros
Proxy to try and trap the differences (with a valid cookie plugged into
the header using curl_setopt) but then I figured it didn't matter what
was in the headers since the script must obtain and store in a cookie
and re-check that a valid BODYelement.clientWidth exists.

The only way for this to exist is for the script to execute in a real

Am I making sense?


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Subject: Re: Javascript checks BODYelement.clientWidth before issuing

On 3/25/07, Tom Donnelly <> wrote:
> Given it's standing guard at the head of the page I want to retrieve,
> can't think of an obvious way around this as BODYelement.clientWidth
> executes and cannot match what's in a cookie as the cookie is set from
> field and re-checked with a recursive redirect.

Can you trap the exchange between a browser and the server (e.g. with
Firefox + LiveHTTPHeaders), then simply replay that interaction?? Or
at least, steal the cookie that interaction generates?? Thereby
ignoring the width thingy...

Ralph Mitchell
Received on 2007-03-25