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Re: Unavailable sshd when not in PATH

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 21:21:14 -0700

The most recent change to to auto-detect supported sshd_config
options causes a problem. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as checking
for whether the options are supported to make it work on older versions.
Some older versions don't support -D properly, either, which would have
to be removed. Plus, OpenSSH 3.1 as an example doesn't support the
UsePAM option but it can't be made work in curl's test suite without it
(at least I haven't been able to). Attempting to do so will make the
test fail instead of making the test be skipped as it was before--this is
much worse effect than the possible benefit gained by letting the test
suite run on some older version.

The other options tested along with UsePAM were added around the same time
to OpenSSH so there's marginal utility in checking for them separately.
Plus, there are other options that were added to newer OpenSSH versions
(e.g. PermitUserEnvironment, UsePrivilegeSeparation) that would have to
also be checked or the existing checks don't accomplish much on their

Unless you've actually found a version of OpenSSH that can be made to
run with the current set of checks that didn't run before, I think the
last patch ought to be reverted.

>>> Dan

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