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Re: HTTP Accept-range header

From: Scott Hansen <>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:41:56 -0600

You are right. I apologize for getting it wrong. My question should ask if
there is another way to use the HTTP Range header other than through the

I'm trying to grab large files from a web server in chunks so if the
connection is broken or of the transfer is canceled, I can resume the
transfer. I won't get into the reasons for grabbing the file in chunks
initially, but this is something that I need to be able to do.

The only way I can figure out how to do it is by setting the Range header
using the CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER option, then calling curl_easy_perform(),
rinse, repeat until the entire file is retrieved.

I don't have much experience with libcurl and I'm hopping there is an easier
way to do this. Am I missing something?

On 3/31/07, Jeff Pohlmeyer <> wrote:
> On 3/31/07, Scott Hansen <> wrote:
> > Is there another way to use an HTTP Accept-range header other than using
> the
> If I understand the RFC correctly "Accept-ranges" is intended
> to be a response header, not a request header?
> Or do I miss the question completely?
> - Jeff
Received on 2007-03-31