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From: Nilesh <>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 11:31:49 +0530

Thanks Yang for your response !

What I observed is 'openssl verify' was also giving error "subject
mistmatch" that indicates the certificate is wrong.

Also tried with curl command line option and it fails with same error.

I will correct the certificate and re-test.

BTW, any idea whether certficate MUST contain same CN in issuer and
subject. This is what I refer the 'openssl verify' error as.

Yang Tse wrote:
>> Any clue what must be missing ??
> Platform && compiler used && versions ?
> All libraries && versions used ?
> How is each library built (static/dynamic) ?
> Have you run the tests provided with the SSL library for the same
> configuration you
> are using ?
> Have you tried to use your own certificate in the above mentioned
> tests? Does it work?

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