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SFTP Closing connection

From: Cary Fitzhugh <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 11:44:26 -0400



I'm using the latest curl snapshot (2007-04-16) and libssh2 (0. 15 -
20070323). It appears that I can connect over SFTP, the file is
transferred. When I return from the transfer (inside curl), and I'm
duplicating the possible newurl (transfer.c : 2417 or so), my program
goes into never-never land and just hangs on me. It may be after that
code, but somewhere in there it get confused and stops.


So the file is transferred with SFTP - because I can see it on the
target machine. But curl_easy_perform doesn't return.


I've tried it on cygwin and a cross-compiled PPC, and neither works.


Any ideas where to look for what is going on?


Thanks so much.


Cary FitzHugh

Anystream, Inc.


Received on 2007-04-16