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Re: [BUG] libCURL 7.16.1 and up breaks streaming.

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 22:47:51 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 2 May 2007, Anders Gustafsson wrote:

>> My suggested patch is attached. It requires that you set
>> CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION to CURL_HTTP_VERSION_1_0 in addition to the
> This doesn't sound really optimal to me. We (xmms2) don't know if the URL is
> an ICY-stream or a file normal HTTP server. If it is a normal file we still
> want to use HTTP 1.1 to get all the goodies such as being able to do seeking
> (which isn't implemented in our plugin currently, but there is an
> out-of-tree patch for it).

That's indeed a valid and worthy remark.

> Could it be changed so that if one of the HTTP200ALIASES is matching it
> forces it to version 1.0?


> One could argue that the if user requested 1.1 the response should be
> threated as 1.1 if the version couldn't be determined. On the other hand
> when the version can't be determined it would be nice if the most liberal
> parsing was used, 1.0 in this case. That would make our (and anyone else
> that doesn't know a priori if they are connecting to a real HTTP/1.1 server
> or one that sends an HTTP200ALIASES header) life easier.

I figure going with HTTP 1.0 is pretty safe. At least until something else is
found! ;-) And if we'll end up in a situation where we want something else
than 1.0 at times - we'd need to come up with a better way than the current,
so that HTTP200ALIASES can be used even when the server turns out to be a
"regular" HTTP 1.1...

I committed a change for this just now!
Received on 2007-05-02