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RE: In preparation for release #102

From: Karl M <>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 09:16:46 -0700

Hi All...
One additional item...When I try to build 7.17.0 with MSVC6 for SSPI with
nmake vc-clean
nmake vc-sspi
it fails with the mentioned LDAP errors.
...Karl> Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 15:11:03 +0200> Subject: In preparation for release #102> > Yes, there's always another release to prepare for...> > Feature freeze for 7.17.1 is on October 14 (which happens to be the exact same > day I'll take off for visiting China during a week).> > Then we only fix bugs until the major known bugs are fixed (it'll take me a > few days just to wade through the mails and possibly fix a bug or two - I get > back home again on the evening October 21).> > So hopefully we'll have a release ready around the weekend 27-28 October.> > At the moment, my TODO-RELEASE document only contains two items:> > 93 - Digest for IIS fix> > This was filed as a bug report with a sort of patch included, but the patch> wasn't very good and the person who filed the report stopped responding so> I've closed the report and I have no hopes that this subject will be> addressed in 7.17.1.> > 100 - icc segmentation faults> > This is not a very important issue and basically boils down to if anyone> who has icc of the affected versions can work further on the problems.> Me knowingly, that is basically just Tor...> > None of these items will hold up the release.> > -- > Daniel
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Received on 2007-10-07