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RE: Compilers used for non-configure systems/platforms

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 17:27:54 +0200

Yang Tse wrote:

> Would those definitions be influenced by the TERASPACE stuff setting
or not ?

What is called "teraspace" is in fact smaller than "non-teraspace" !!!
Pointers are also of different size: this is a very particular mode and
mixing with non-teraspace packages, although possible, is very hard.
I know it exists, but I never experienced teraspace, and I do not know a
single person using it...
As a consequence, I do not consider that the current OS400 libcurl
implementation supports it.
Perhaps I should mention it in the README.OS400 file, but I've never had
any question/request about it until now.
Received on 2008-06-03