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RE: Curl_getaddinfo_ex and conditionals mess

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 20:31:11 +0100

Yang Tse wrote:
> Hi Patrick,

Hi Yang,

Sorry to have been long to answer, but I'm currently very busy :-/
I've tried to compile 7.19.2 on OS400: the problem is already present in

> setup-os400.h defines both Curl_getaddrinfo_a() and a
> Curl_getnameinfo_a() as replacement functions for getaddrinfo() and
getnameinfo(). So, shouldn't HAVE_GETADDRINFO and HAVE_GETNAMEINFO also
be defined right there? Otherwise how are those replacement functions
expected to be used?
> Please, verify if defining HAVE_GETADDRINFO and HAVE_GETNAMEINFO in
setup-os400.h solves the issue.

You're right! I used to define ASCII wrappers for those procedures, but
never used them...
I just committed some OS400 specific updates that makes libcurl
compilable again on OS400.

But this problem seems to show that it is no longer possible to compile
libcurl without ares for a system that supports IPv6 but not
getaddrinfo()... It used to be !

Thanks for your help,
Received on 2008-12-11