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Facing few problems with Curl Multi timeouts...

From: ameya agnihotri <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 00:29:42 +0530

Hi All,

I am using curl-multi interface for the first time.
I am writing an application which requires "N" http - GET requests to be
The responses received are processed by callbacks set using
However, I don't want my application to be blocked for more than say 300ms.
In order to achieve this, I have done the following:

curl_easy_setopt(curl_easy_handle, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS, 50); //example
timeout values
curl_easy_setopt(curl_easy_handle, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS, 150); //example
timeout values.

Later I add curl easy handles to curl multi handle using
curl_multi_add_handle(multi_handle, curl_easy_handle);

I later call curl_multi_perform()(in while loop)
I do a curl_multi_fdset(), do a select() and then call curl_multi_perform()
again ( This all is done in a loop, till still_running returned is 0).

In order to test timeouts, I have written a perl script and I have placed
in say http://testserver/cgi-bin/
A delay of 10secs is programmed in the script. So, server, for sure delays
response for 10 secs.

However, the client side curl connection doesn't timeout. I blocks till it
gets all the data.
Also, i have built with AsyncDNS enabled and curl-config --features command
confirms the same.

What is the expected behaviour of millisecond timeouts??
Is anyone getting the same issue??


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Received on 2008-12-26