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libtool 2.2.6 confuses build log

From: Daniel Johnson <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 14:21:04 -0500

On Jan 13, 2009, at 1:38 PM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, A. Craig West wrote:
>>> I would rather try to upgrade my release-building host to such a
>>> libtool version and let that create a suitable aclocal.m4 than to
>>> start doing local patches like this...
>> I would have to search for it. I don't have any systems with the
>> right
>> tools installed to generate that, I think there is usually a lot of
>> version dependence in the automake stuff. If you were going to update
>> it, there probably isn't much point in updating to anything other
>> than
>> their most recent stable version, though.
> I intend to release the next release using libtool 2.2.6 so I expect
> this problem to be fixed then.

I switched to using libtool 2.2.6 on my autobuilds and noticed that
libtool now labels linking related lines with "libtool: link: " which
the build log flags as warnings. It looks like the build log parser
needs to be adjusted.

Received on 2009-01-14