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Re: max download/upload speed setting (libcurl, Delphi)

From: Jeff Pohlmeyer <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 19:25:19 -0500

DS> you should tell the persons making the Pascal
DS> binding that they did wrong.

He lurks here, and now sees the err of his ways.

DS> You (as in the app) should not have to figure
DS> out what kind it is unless very rare cases.

Pascal does not use C headers natively, so *someone* will
have to figure out what it is. At the time the original
bindings were written, the CURLOPT*_LARGE options did not
exist, so when curl_off_t appeared it didn't seem very
interesting to me. (the object wrapper and demo programs
only used the options that take a long.)

KD> Is the binding really used anywhere?

According to sourceforge, it's been downloaded 3688 times,
but of course that doesn't mean anyone ever actually used it.

KD> Maybe the 'varargs;' is the way to pass the third argument

Yes, that's correct. It means basically the same as ... in C.

FD> I will have a close look on it and try to fix it.
FD> And yes, it is used in Delphi and I like Delphi language ;)

You seem to be quite determined to get this thing working.

I would love to see someone with such a passion for Delphi
take over maintenance of the CurlPas project, since I no
longer use Delphi/Kylix/FPC at all these days.

Feel free to contact me off-list if you (or anyone else)
are interested.

 - Jeff
Received on 2009-07-06