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Multi handle connection pool (Re: max download/upload speed setting)

From: Ragnar Lonn <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 09:23:20 +0200

I have another question regarding the max upload/download speed setting
- does it work when you are using the multi interface and external I/O

I.e. from what I have understood, the feature is implemented through
libcurl avoiding to select on sockets that have used up their bandwidth
quota for the time being. This means that if you're using e.g. libevent
to select on sockets, curl will not be able to control the bandwidth
usage of a socket. Also, but I'm not sure about this one - as the multi
handle has a pool of sockets that it uses for all its easy handles, you
have no real control over individual sockets when using the multi
interface. You don't know which socket is being used by which easy
handle, and this means there is no way to limit bandwidth for an
individual easy handle.

Would it be possible to implement a feature that would let a multi user
switch off the connetion pool feature of the multi interface, and so to
get access to more detailed control over easy handles even in multi mode?


Received on 2009-07-06