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Curl_purform hanging issue persists in 7.19.6 with OS X 10.5.8 intel

From: Parimal Das <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 12:50:17 +0530

Hi All

1. I modified ftpget.c example to use *CURLOPT_HTTPGET*
2. Then i put my exe to download a large file
3. After it downloaded some portion of that file, i have put my computer in
sleep for 5 minutes.
4. On waking up my computer. The exe/process still runs with Zero CPU usage
and the stach trace always show the thread in Curl_perform. Its hanging

Call graph:
    854 Thread_2507
      854 start
        854 main
          854 Curl_perform
            854 select$DARWIN_EXTSN
              854 select$DARWIN_EXTSN

How to fix this problem, any insights.??

Thanks in advance
-Parimal Das

Warm Regards,
Parimal Das
Webyog Softworks

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Received on 2009-10-11