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RE: libcurl and libssh2

From: Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC) <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 16:53:02 +0800

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> Subject: Re: libcurl and libssh2
> 2009/10/16 Xu, Qiang (FXSGSC) <>:
> > [...]
> > Althought it is working, there are some problems.
> >
> > 1. It won't work when the path to the file is written as "~/scan/test.txt".
> This is not something I can help you with. Maybe a mailing list for
> libssh2 would be a better place to ask about it?

Maybe, it is because SFTP protocol doesn't specify what ~ represents. But it works when I uploaded a file using "./curl -v -u qxu:fair123 -T CMakeLists.txt sftp://", as Guenter suggested.

Kind of strange here.
> > 2. Why the root directory of the sftp server is listed? In
> > my quoted command, there isn't anything related to "ls".
> This is because curl is designed to get or put stuff. In my
> opinion, the -Q option was added on because it's useful, but
> curl is not really designed for doing that sort of thing. So
> your command above basically means, please fetch me
> sftp://, but before you do that, please send
> through "rm /home/qxu/scan/test.txt".
> So even if you have the -Q, it will still send back the same
> thing as if you did not have the -Q there.

Your analysis sounds reasonable. :-)

> > 3. It won't work when I want to remove a folder:
> > [...]
> > I can confirm the folder /home/qxu/scan/DOC.XSM does exist.
> > Can't I use "rm -rf" to remove a folder? What else shall I use?
> Those quote commands are not shell commands. They are SFTP
> protocol commands (or something like that). So you can
> probably not use "rm -rf". But I don't know what you can use
> instead. You will probably have to ask the libssh2 people.

Just want to say thank you very much for your help all along. You are patient and nice.

Thanks a lot,
Xu Qiang
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