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Re: obsolete infof() in nss.c

From: Kamil Dudka <>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 19:31:41 +0200

Hi GŁn,

On Sunday 18 of October 2009 19:16:57 Guenter wrote:
> Hi,
> in line 1117 of current cvs nss.c we have:
> if(data->set.ssl.verifyhost == 1)
> infof(data, "warning: ignoring unsupported value (1) of
> ssl.verifyhost\n");
> but if you search for 'verifyhost' you find at line 638 that we have an
> if/else case for it which takes different actions depending on the
> 'verifyhost' setting - so I believe that this infof() is a leftover from
> former days, and can now be removed since not true anymore (also tested
> successfully that -k / --insecure works).
> comments?

I don't think so. The warning was added recently along with the code which
acts on the verifyhos value. The message is definitely *not* obsolete since
the value 1 is really not supported by lib/nss.c. The only supported values
are 0 and 2.

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