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Expected behavior after posting here

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 22:08:50 +0100 (CET)


When you have posted your bug report or patch for a problem to this mailing
list or in the bug tracker, this is what to expect to happen:

  - we discuss the bug/patch/fix. Reviews that happen will end up in comments
    and remarks and unless something else is said, the patch author is expected
    to answer to the comments and in most cases update the patch accordingly.

  - bug reporters should be prepared to provide additional information as
    requested in replies. You can make the process faster and easier for
    everyone by thinking things through and providing more info already in the
    first post.

You cannot expect your mails to be dealt with immediately, but if nothing has
been said or commented to a mail after like a week, I think it is fine to
repost (and hopefully to append further info that you've collected in the mean

It has occurred to me that we get more reports and more patches to the project
than what we manage to absorb and deal with. We need more people to help out
with bug reports (like how to repeat the bug, work on fixing the problem and
so on) and we need more people to review and try patches that are posted.

Not complying to these simple guidelines will severely decrease the chances
for your issue to get treated with the care you want.

Complying to these guidelines is unfortunately not a gurantee for success, but
at least your chances are fine.

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Received on 2009-10-30