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RE: Using HTTPS in multi-threaded dynamic library plugin on CentOS

From: Adal Chiriliuc <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 13:45:27 +0100

> Normally you should be able to fork and exec gdbserver to attach to your
> process, and then attach to gdbserver using gdb from a terminal.

Thanks for the tip. I'll try this next time I want to debug it.

> However if attaching fails, it may be some of the complicated stuff
> Chrome does itself using ptrace (normally the debugger interface),
> which prevents debugging it because only one "debugger" can attach at
> a time. Since the Chrome developers might want to debug it, perhaps
> there is a Chrome option to turn off the ptrace sandboxing?

The actual application hosting my plugin is not Chrome. I just used it as an example familiar to everyone. Sorry for not being clear.
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