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From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 19:51:32 +0200

2011/8/10 Steve Holme wrote:

> Since then I have cracked on with producing the second patch which is
> attached. This one moves the ntlm code to the new curl_ntlm module and tries
> to simple move the code (as was) and not rework it or reformat it, etc... I
> have spotted a few areas that still need tiding up, that I had missed
> yesterday, but I will take the opportunity at the end to produce a separate
> patch for those.

I'll skim over this patch to see if I have further comments. But I
would really prefer that the stuff related to the yet required tiding
up that you are mentioning is provided before the actual refactoring.

FYI today's autobuilds have not detected any problem with the already
pushed work relative to this thread.

> You will note that the function declarations for
> Curl_ntlm_create_type1_message and Curl_ntlm_create_type3_message() are
> slightly different from my original patch, from last week,

Already committed one also was different :-) Doing this step by step
helps everyone and the result will be better.

> You will note that InitializeSecurityContextA() takes "host" as the third
> parameter but will see that it is never populated until much later on in the
> code (the native type 3 creation) and as such an empty string is passed to
> both InitializeSecurityContextA() calls. According to the MSDN documentation
> this should specify "A pointer to a null-terminated string that indicates
> the service principal name (SPN) or the security context of the destination
> server" - as such I would recommend renaming the variable to "destination"
> or "target" at some point, but I will do that in a final patch.

Same applies here if it can be done before the refactoring step lets do it now.

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