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From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 17:39:03 +0100

Hi Yang,

Sorry I didn't see your email before my patch today - but for some reason
Outlook put you in my junk folder :(

> Pushed your last patch with a couple of edits. Sync with github repo.

Cheers .

> Current interface of Curl_base64_encode and
> Curl_base64_decode have a slight glitch in a marginal case. The
> caller of these cannot know if a zero result from the function call
> is due to an out of memory condition or due to a zero length
> encoding or decoding.

Yes - I had noticed that ;-)

> Without modifying Curl_base64_* right now, we have two options
> here...
> [..]
> As soon as other protocols ;-) start using the result of all this...
> Option 1 is a better refactoring result.

Yes I agree option 1 is the better solution. Having, http_ntlm, smtp, pop3
(which I hope to work on later), etc... all call
Curl_ntlm_create_typeX_message() and then call Curl_base64_encode() is not
only long winded for the developer but also less efficient especially if
each one has their own temporary ntlm buffer.

> Option 2 is easier to achieve right now, given that part of the existing
code would not move.

Arrgghh - That means I've got to rework my patch :(


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