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RE: [PATCH] SMTP Modifications

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 21:33:26 +0100

Hi all,

> Patch requested today should show that there's little left. But
> functionality this patch would provide already existed in first
> patches provided Jul-29 and Aug-02 by Steve.

Given that this, potentially, is part of much larger work would it be best
to leave this until v7.22.1, along with the CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH change that I
had in my original patch as well?

I was going to submit that feature next, but given that it is only half
"Technically" complete as well then it may be best to leave it and get all
this working properly in the next release. Just to summaries the
CURLOPT_MAIL_AUTH parameter that I added, allowed the user of libcurl to
specify whether or not the optional "AUTH=" is part of the MAIL command. The
problem with my existing patch, is that it does not allow for an empty
"AUTH=" e.g "MAIL FROM:<> AUTH=" as per the RFC.

In addition to this I also wanted to work on the following:

* Being able to specify which authentication mechanisms to use (pretty much
as already suggested by Yang).
* Potentially, being able to specify the order of authentication mechanisms
(This still needs a lot of thought in my own head and might not be
* Being able to specify the optional SIZE=xxx parameter in the MAIL command.
This allows the server to reject a message, normally one that contains an
attachment, before the DATA content is sent.
* Fix the fully qualified hostname issue.

> What I'm asking here is you postpone this decision until
> Steve provides requested patch and we can see if it
> needs further polishing and better evaluate risks
> associated with pushing it in feature freeze period.

Rather than rush a patch out now... Would it be better to concentrate on
adding "just" the NTLM support to SMTP and leave all of the above until
after that? If my post NTLM patch(es) are polished enough we might be able
to squeeze them into v7.22.0 ;-) ?


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