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RE: Connection being reused following a cancellation (HTTP)

From: Vladimir Grishchenko <>
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 13:23:25 -0700

> > Thanks! Thinking further, is there enough information available to recognize
> > the connection as not being "dirty" in this case and actually leave it open?
> > It appears that closing the connection in case when no data was sent out is
> > somewhat pessimistic and wastes a perfectly good connection.
> I guess it would be possible. If you happen to abort exactly after the
> connection is made but before the request is sent. Surely that time span is
> *very* brief in real life and the number of connections you cancel in that
> state should be very few? In other words: I doubt it is worth all the added
> code and logic for such a very slim chance.
> --

I take your point. I just thought that if it was a trivial fix then why not do it at the same time while we are on this subject.

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