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Re: Infinite loop in Curl_removeHandleFromPipeline() (broken pipelinellist)

From: Marcin Adamski <>
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 20:01:23 +0200

I had a similar problem. After I aborted transfer by returning non-zero value from progress callback and later called curl_multi_remove_handle, I got infinite loop in this function. As far as I can remember curl_multi_remove_handle calls Curl_removeHandleFromPipeline() so it may be exactly the same case.

When I built libcurl checked out from repository a few days ago, this problem did not occur anymore although previously I had had this problem reproducable in 100% of tries in my test case. But this problem still was reproducable in version 7.22. So possibly if you wait for next release this problem will be solved.

Marcin Adamski

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Received on 2011-10-08